2015-New Year-New Challenges.

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We have had two excellent rehearsals at the start of the new year. Work is continuing on new material, and Anne is pleased with the progress. We are.looking to consolidate,and get new members upto speed on the repertoire.This may mean less concerts this  year as we move forward . It also means that we have to check carefully to ensure that we are properly balanced as a group before accepting new concerts. Hopefully, as the year progresses we can ensure that we can produce our best,rather than be concerned that  a certain section may be weaker on a particular day. Two years ago in February, we were 43 strong going off down to a competition in Torquay, confident that we could do well..

Well, as it happens, we thought that we had done well, but the judges disagreed!!

However, it shows that things can change very quickly in choirs ,and we have to believe we can get more people in over the next twelve months and move forwards together.The new recruits we have welcomed have proven to be excellent additions,and perhaps it is not an accident that they heard us at Viv’s daughter’s wedding, and were attracted by what they heard.We are available to do weddings-perhaps that is a step forwards in the right direction!!