Singing is uplifting and beneficial to us all. Become a member and be part of a fantastic experience – we meet on a Thursday 7:30pm at Idsall School Sports Centre.

We welcome all new members to the choir, you do not have to read music, most of the Choir do not, you just need an enthusiasm to sing. There is no audition, you just need to sing a few notes so we can decide which section of the choir to place you. So come along and enjoy the comradeship and benefits which are part of singing in a Choir. It may seem daunting, but once you,be made the initial step you’ll take it all in your stride.

For those not familiar with the organisation of a typical male voice choir, the group is divided into four sections ranging from high voices (tenors) to low voices (basses). These are grouped on stage, and in rehearsals, with tenors to the left, and basses to the right as they face the audience and the conductor.

In harmony singing, the different parts sing different notes, so part of the necessary discipline involved is to be able to sing something different to what other sections may be singing. In rehearsals, held every Thursday, the musical director will go through the different parts with the different sections and then put them together to achieve the full effect of the piece. It may take 6-8 weeks to become familiar with a piece, and then more rehearsals to fine-tune the performance and go ‘off-copy, which means the choir sing with their heads up, looking at the conductor, rather than looking at the copy.

The process of learning the words and notes is also helped by listening to CD’s or other choirs on You Tube when possible, or going through the individual parts on the computer when they are emailed to you. Highlighting your part on the sheet music,helps to catch your eye as you scan the music in rehearsal.

Being able to read music is a big advantage, but only a few in the choir are able to do so. Some members can sight-read which is to say, follow where the notes go up and down, and have an idea of the length of notes and where pauses occur. Other members depend entirely on listening to how their part is presented in rehearsals, listening to their fellow members singing around them, and learning their part by way of familiarising themselves with each section gradually.

Learning new music may seem daunting, but the choir members are here to help and encourage you at all times. The musical director will at some stage make an assessment of where your voice may fit into the range of tenors or basses, and usually during performance will help by mouthing the words as the song progresses.

Singing is uplifting and beneficial to all of us. If you come and listen to our choir, or indeed any choir, and you are moved by that sound, then singing with us will help you to be part of a fantastic experience. Once you have come to your first rehearsal, you have done the most daunting thing and you can always join members afterwards for a drink and socialise in the White Hart.