Below is a list of upcoming concerts as well as a breakdown of what you can expect with a visit to one of our performances

Upcoming Concerts

Concert  Co-odinator

Dennis Buck –

A number of other Concerts are being arranged, but Dates are not confirmed.

If you are organising an event or are interested in the Choir performing a Concert,

please contact Dennis Buck to discuss your requirements.

A concert will normally begin at 7:30pm and end about 9:30pm. The choir will present between sixteen and eighteen pieces in two halves with an interval of about fifteen minutes.

Each half will be split into a programme of four pieces followed by a solo from one of the choristers or a piano duet by Anne and Jade.

The choice of music will be wide ranging from classical pieces to modern day compositions. It is important to perform pieces from the Male Voice Choir tradition, as well as songs of today which resonate with the audience. We all enjoy singing and we all know singing lifts the spirits, so we hope that at the end of the concert everybody will have found something to enjoy. Perhaps it is important to say that there may be some pieces which are not everybody’s favourite, but it is part of the choir ethic that we try to present a wide range of music to cater for all tastes.

New members of the choir are encouraged to participate in concerts when Anne thinks they are ready. They will be able to have their music folders with them, and sing from the back rows of the choir so they can enjoy the atmosphere and gain in confidence gradually.

If you would like the Choir to perform and support your Charity or good cause, Please enquire by  using the ” Contact us Form” and check if we are available.