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  • The choir at St Andrews Church in 2014
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  • A 'typical' audience response from the a massed choir concert at Symphony Hall in 2011
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Concert in Bishops Wood, Staffordshire

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Another spectacular concert at St John the Evangelist Church, Bishops Wood, Staffordshire last Saturday 28th June 2014. It was packed with entertainment and what is just as important, the audience was fantastic! The choir sang sixteen songs from their varied repertoire producing rousing and sensitive music of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, interspersed with solos, some extremely rhythmical and foot tapping African, New Zealand music plus McCartney, Queen, Andrew Lloyd Webber and more. Four of the pieces they performed to the public for the first time. Anne Clark, the Musical Director accompanied Steve Taylor and Mike Ward who sang duets ‘Take a Message to Mary’ by the Everly Brothers and ‘Old Friends/Bookends’ by Simon and Garfunkel. This was Mike’s first public duet and we hope to hear more from the two of them in the future. Andrew Mann-Ray sang the poignant song of mourning. ‘Empty Chairs at Empty Tables’ from Les Miserables. The choir’s accompanist Jade Harris, gave a splendid performance of Beethoven’s Moonlight Sonata, 3rd Movement (presto agitato) and had a standing ovation.

This concert was the last one for Fred Phillips who after thirty-eight years of service to the choir, is moving to Oswestry. Words of thanks were given to Fred and he said how wonderful it has been to belong and sing with them, adding that having a pint with the lads after practice was a great bonus!

The church gave a very warm reception to the choir and during the interval, produced an array of tasty food and a glass of wine. This certainly was a concert to remember!

Concert With Haydock Male Voice Choir

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On 12th June we performed alongside Haydock male Voice choir at St Michales Church in Madeley.

Glad to be able to say the choir is optimistic after some difficult times. We have had two of our best ever concerts, our annual concert in Madeley, shared with Haydock Male Voice Choir, and last week our concert at Bishop’s Wood. In both cases the choir was coming together to overcome missing personnel.

In both cases the reaction from the audiences was absolutely fantastic !!!!. We introduced new and difficult pieces which were enthusiastically received, and the feeling within the group is now of renewed confidence going forward. Well done to all concerned, and to Anne and Jade for their patience and perseverance.

Now we need new members, and, once they come through the door we need to KEEP them .


Ged Heyes, Chairman



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